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When Dr. Scott along with his wife Mary Beth first hung out his chiropractic shingle in the fall of 1986, Mary Beth began as the office receptionist. Through her love of being active and running, Dr. Scott would often ask her to demonstrate to his patients how to stretch properly. Showing people how to stretch was soon becoming a very important part of patient education. Mary Beth earned the AFAA Personal Training and Group Certifications to enable her to further her ability to educate patients on proper exercise programs and stretching techniques. Having her own studio in the office, allows her to work with patients one on one. Mary Beth continues to participate in continuing education workshops of various programs for specialized patient care. Educating patients on exercises for everyday living activities and providing trigger point therapies has become a way to give patients the tools to become stronger through their everyday living. Trigger point treatments provide patients to “get the knots” out; this treatment releases muscle tension and inflammation which allows your chiropractic adjustments to receive the full benefits.

This past summer (2013), along with several other women from Huntingdon, Mary Beth participated in the Avon Breast Cancer walk in New York City. This was a two day fundraising event for Breast Cancer research. The first day they walked 26.2 miles then the second day they walked 13.1 miles; the 'Sole Sistah’s’ team walked a total of 39.3 miles and individually raised the needed money to participate in the walk. Mary Beth had a wonderful experience and says, “That walk was amazing, empowering and humbling. I am so thankful for the many patients that helped me get there.”

Mary Beth and Scott are the parents of three adult children and the owners of two dogs. Bailey is a sixteen year old cock-a-poo and Gracie is a seven year old goldendoodle.

Mary Beth Fye