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How does chiropractic care work?

Chiropractic care is based on the concept that the human body is self-sustaining and self-healing. Chiropractors believe that first removing the imbalances in the human body, both fundamentally and physically, allows the body to heal itself. The connection of the spinal cord and the vast network of nerves must first be operating properly. For this to occur properly, first, the nerve network and signals from the brain must flow down your spinal cord without any interruptions. Chiropractors have the knowledge and skill to correct interruptions or misalignments in order for the human body to work properly. Chiropractic care does not use prescription drugs as a means of treating patients but focuses on proper alignment of the spine along with proper nutrition to help the human body be at its best functioning condition.

Will a chiropractic adjustment hurt?

Adjustments or spinal manipulations are minor movements of the vertebrae within the spine. The reason your chiropractor does this minor movement is to realign the vertebrae in your spine that has moved out of place. This could be due to a number of reasons ranging from normal daily activities to trauma from a car accident. When vertebrae are out of place, it affects the overall body system from your muscular system to the central nervous system. Proper alignment allows all of the nerves and the systems in the body to function efficiently. Chiropractors make adjustments or spinal manipulations by using their hands or an instrument to realign the vertebrae properly. A quick movement happens often accompanied with an audible ‘pop’ that sounds like knuckles cracking and often without any discomfort. The ‘pop’ sound is due to the release of the gases found in the joints. Studies show that it is not always necessary for the ‘pop’ to be heard for the adjustment or spinal manipulation to be effective.

What can I expect from my visit with the chiropractor?

Your first visit to the chiropractor will be the opportunity for you and your chiropractor to get to know each other and will last approximately 30-45 minutes. The receptionist will have important paperwork for you to fill out. Also, bring your insurance cards and any other information that may be helpful for the doctor to access your needs properly. You and your chiropractor will discuss your history, current conditions and your goals. After the first visit, more visits may be needed to reach your goal; please be patient, it takes time for the body to heal. The main goal is to reduce any pain or discomfort and to restore a patient’s functionality.
Overall wellness can be achieved through chiropractic care.

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