Dr Fye
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Dr. Scott Fye has been practicing chiropractic care for over 25 years. Long before Dr. Scott began thinking about his future in chiropractic care, he was fortunate to have a brother, Dr. Joe Fye; the late Dr. Joe Fye was a chiropractor in Altoona. Even though the two brothers were twelve years apart, Dr. Joe was a great role model, mentor and friend. Dr. Scott saw in Dr. Joe the passion for his chiropractic lifestyle and the happiness that this lifestyle brought him.

Dr. Scott Fye attended Lock Haven University for his undergraduate, pre-chiropractic program and then graduated from Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, located in Spatanburg, South Carolina in 1984. Currently, Dr. Scott is a member of the Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic Board of Regents; is a member in good standing with the Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association (PCA); is licensed in Pennsylvania to practice Adjunctive procedures and is certified with the Award of Proficiency in Basic Chiropractic x-rays. He is also a contributor and fact-checker at Community Nurse Health Center.

Dr. Scott's chiropractic experience and his interest in sports have played a large role in how he accesses a patient's spine. Being physically active today, Dr. Scott understands that when injuries occur, successful treatment can be made through chiropractic care.

Dr. Scott and Mary Beth are the parents of three adult children and the owners of two dogs. Bailey is a sixteen year old cock-a-poo and Gracie is a seven year old goldendoodle.

Doctor Scott Fye